Custimy + Make Influence

Custimy has acquired Make Influence to create a
powerhouse in the world of e-commerce.

E-commerce Marketing
With Better Data

What is Make Influence?

Make Influence is a software that allows b2c brands and creators to develop and manage transparent and effective influencer collaborations based on data.

Their goal is to help businesses build long-lasting relationships and optimize influencer marketing campaigns by providing data-driven insights and innovative tools.

Redefining Influencer Marketing

Together, Custimy and Make Influence will be able to unleash your brand's true potential and redefine what is possible with influencer marketing.

By combining data from your influencer campaigns with
your e-commerce data, you'll gain valuable insights for your business, boosting reach, engagement and conversions.

We will equip your e-commerce brand with innovative AI-tools, a collaborative community of creators, and actionable data to optimize all your digital marketing campaigns.

The Future

Our two products will continue to operate separately for the time being. But behind the scenes, we are already working together, both commercially and technically. 

The plan for the future is a full integration of our software, enabling our customers and future e-commerce brands to accelerate their growth, in one combined product.

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