Creating fair opportunities
for e-commerce.

We believe in leveling the playing field in e-commerce, by delivering AI-powered solutions for businesses to scale and grow.

Our impact in numbers.

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Capital raised
Daily active users
Team members
Tracked leads

Our journey so far.


Custimy 2.0 is released

New version of Custimy is released with new features, fresh design and much more!


Growing, scaling and learning.

First international customers sign on, and Custimy opens
up an office in Warzaw.


Liftoff! We have a liftoff!

Custimy secures one of biggest pre-seed funding rounds in Denmark and launches its Customer Data Platform.


In the beginning, there was a great idea.

Custimy is created with to offer smaller e-commerce companies more actionable data to level the playing field.

Our values.

We're on the same mission, grouped together by our shared values and driven by our need to succeed.

People minded

We show empathy, provide positive energy and always help eachother.

Commitment - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Problem solvers

We challenge the status quo with innovation, creativity and our desire to be the best.

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Push beyond

We got something to prove and we're always learning, growing and striving to achieve more.

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Own it

We embrace responsibility and hold
ourselves and each other

Become the e-commerce of the future, today.