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Why limit your split testing?
Experiment like never before

Take guesswork out of your e-commerce.
Test and optimize every corner of your business.

See All Your Deals In One Simple Dashboard - Dataplus X Webflow Template

See all your deals in one simple dashboard

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User Information - Dataplus X Webflow Template

User information

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Deal Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Deal tracking

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Pipeline Management - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Pipeline management

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Experiment beyond your website and ads

Experiment with all your business decisions and uncover insights into what drives growth. Optimize your business for lower costs and more revenue.

Experiment like never before

Easily create test audiences and experiment on them wherever you want. Track how your experiment affects each test audience's KPIs.

Embrace your gut feeling

Run experiments to test out your gut feelings and get a data foundation for those new and exciting ideas.

Put your entire business to the test

Experiment with the output of new business decisions such as offering free shipping, candy in each order, or turning off advertising.


Identify LTV trends
with AI-powered cohorts

Group your customers together and see how their LTV has developed over the last two years. Analyze your cohorts and identify trends in your customers’ LTV.

Follow your customers from their initial purchase

Track customers’ lifetime value from the first acquisition and see how it has developed over time.

Uncover patterns in customers’ LTV

Find patterns and trends in your cohorts. See spikes in the LTV, to gain new insights into your business. Use these insights to improve profits.

AI Driven Sales - Dataplus X Webflow Template

AI-power your Cohorts

Use AI to see your cohorts' future development. Get instant revenue and LTV projections, perfect for budget planning.

Experiments you can run to optimize your e-commerce

How many newsletters should you send?

Find the perfect frequency of newsletters per week, and optimize your email marketing strategy.

Does candy in each order boost retention?

Find out if free goods in each order actually help retention or if it's just another cost.

Is same-day delivery worth it?

See if offering 1-day delivery actually boosts retention or if it's just another cost burden.

Why do your loyal customers keep coming back?

Turn off advertising to your most loyal customers and see if you can save marketing spend.

Does one-time discount help
win back customers?

Find the impact that discounts have on retention and winning back customers.

What happens if you turn off your marketing?

Turn off advertising to a select amount of customers and see if your advertising actually impacts sales.

Become the e-commerce of the future, today.