Custimy has acquired MakeInfluence to create the e-commerce platform of the future.
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Accelerate your
Forget the guesstimates.

Collect all your data, uncover your most valuable insights, and experiment your way to profitability,
with our Customer Data Platform.

Trusted by leading e-commerce brands

Take action on your gut feeling.
Experiment like never before.

Answer pretty much any question you might have
with our AI-powered experimentation tool.


Acquire and retain high-value customers with predictive AI.

Put your most profitable products in front of your most valuable customers, always at the right time.

Segment your customers for profitability

Automatically aggregate customer data, and create audiences optimized for profit, in a few clicks.

Align your targeting across all channels

Update your audience in real-time across all your marketing channels, without moving a finger.

Artificial intelligence is the future of successful business.

How ABENA achieved 12x better Facebook Ads
with Custimy lookalike audiences.

"Custimy has been a game changer in terms of serving data in a very detailed and actionable fashion. We now use it across 4 markets."

- Mikael Vestergaard, ABENA

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Integrate your e-commerce stack in less than 10 minutes.

Keep your developer out of this, we already natively integrate
with most industry leading tools.

Trusted by +250
e-commerce marketers.

Brett Schetzsle

Using Segments allows us to retain customers and drive repeat purchases with automated Klaviyo flows putting the most relevant and personalized offers in front of them.

ADE Imports

Kristian Tihno

Setting up automation, which helps us to find new customers in an easier way, definitely makes our lives easier every day.


Daniel Gerhoft

Custimy’s segmentation engine enabled us to engage different customer groups in order to increase their repurchasing rate.


Nadia Christensen

The look-a-like audience build on Custimy data outperformed the look-a-like audience build only on Meta pixel data.


Vasilij Brandt

Custimy collects data from our tech stack and creates a good overview and insights on various aspects of our business.

Blazar Capital

Betina Andersen

With Custimy we're able to identify the customers who are very likely to make refunds.

DAY Birger

Malthe Diederen

By consolidating all of our data in Custimy, we are able to get a very precise and actionable overview of our Customer Data.


Emmanuel Abeng

We quickly got great ML recommendations on our email segments and custom audiences for Facebook to increase our top-line sales.


Mikael Vestergaard

Custimy has been a game changer in terms of serving data in a very detailed and actionable fashion. We now use it across 4 markets.


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