Supercharge your marketing with predictive AI

Create marketing campaigns optimized for profit.
Use our AI-targeting to reach the right customer, with the right product, at the perfect time.

See All Your Deals In One Simple Dashboard - Dataplus X Webflow Template

See all your deals in one simple dashboard

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User Information - Dataplus X Webflow Template

User information

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Deal Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Deal tracking

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Pipeline Management - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Pipeline management

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Act on customers’ future behavior

Use AI to access metrics about your customers’ behaviour, and boost profits by reaching out at the perfect time.

Predict profits and buying habits

Increase profits by seeing what customers are most likely to purchase and what products are most likely to sell, at any given time.

Stop churn. Save customers

See customers’ likeliness of churn, and increase retention by reaching out to those who are on their way out.

Improved AI-targeting each day

The self-learning AI gets better each day by learning more about your customers, delivering you better results.


Predictive audiences
Precise marketing

Drive more conversions with better targeting using AI-audiences and product segments, optimized for profitability.

Customer and product hyper-segmentation

Target highly-profitable customer segments with their favorite products, using our predictive-AI. Use this to increase conversions and lower acquisition costs.

Powerful lookalike audiences

Find more customers similar to your most valuable ones, and grow your business by acquiring more loyal customers.

Boost email marketing with AI

Automatically convert interested customers, and keep churning customers engaged using AI-Audiences in your email marketing.


Dynamic audience syncing

Stay ahead of the competition with audience syncing. Our daily data updates ensure that your audiences are always accurate and current.

Complex marketing made easy

Keep your audiences updated and relevant across multiple channels and countries from one platform.

Up-to-date, Up-the-ROI

Ensure the highest output from your marketing by always using the most up-to-date audience.

Activate data with one click

Send accurate first-party data directly into your marketing channels, with the press of a button.


Enhanced acquisition. Decreased churn.
Deeper insights.

Discover some ways marketers use Custimy to improve the way
they engage with their customers. 

Become the e-commerce of the future, today.