Is your e-commerce ready for a Customer Data Platform?
Jun 23, 2023

Is your e-commerce ready for a Customer Data Platform?

E-commerce marketing can sometimes feel like stumbling in the dark.

You have tens of tools telling you a different story, and making sense of all the data you collect can easily become overwhelming.

At the same time, when we’re talking about customers, we hardly ever differentiate between them. This means that we see every customer as equals, even though some might be much more profitable and valuable for your business than others.

In its essence, Custimy helps e-commerce brands collect, analyse and make sense of all your customer data and give it back to you in the form of actionable insights you can use to make marketing that increases your customer experience and brings you more profit. 

In short, this is what Custimy can do for you. 

  • Collect all your data from your CMS, Social Media, Ads accounts, and email marketing, all into one platform. 
  • Analyze your data and automatically divide your customers in segments based on different criteria, from profitability to probability to churn. 
  • Show what products are the most valuable for you, and match them with customers who are most likely to buy them. 
  • With our proprietary AI, we can predict your customers’ future behavior and allow you to reach them at the right time, in the right place, and with the right products. 
  • Allow you to push these segments back to your marketing platforms, allowing you for higher quality targeting. 
  • And a lot more things.

In this blog, we will superficially go through all the things that Custimy can do for your e-commerce shop, and help you figure out if your company is ready to use a Customer Data Platform.

If you want to get more in-depth about Custimy functionality and if it’s the right choice for your business, you can book time for a meeting with us here. 

First, who is Custimy for? 

Custimy is a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The platform is specifically designed for e-commerce brands, in particular e-commerce stores with enough customers, orders and products for our algorithms to work at the best of their capabilities. 

You're ready for Custimy if:

  • You have at least 400 orders per month. 
  • You advertise on channels such as Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • Product portfolio with multiple categories
  • Build on our CMS integrations such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, DanDomain, Microsoft 365 business 

In general, Custimy is useful for your business if: 

  • You want more revenue from digital advertising or make your ad spend more efficient.  
  • You want to have a more centralised source of truth for your marketing channels’ data. 
  • You want to know what customers and products create the most of your revenue. 
  • You want to create more revenue from your email channel, in particular better segmentation. 
  • You’re thinking about implementing more AI into your marketing. 
  • You want a complete overview of your online store performance 

A complete business overview in one platform

You can’t count the number of tools and channels the average e-commerce marketer uses. Somebody tried… they got 37.

37 tools…

Custimy helps you simplify your work by collecting and analyzing everything you need to get a complete business overview. 

Everything from your ads accounts, e-commerce CMS and email marketing - everything is automatically pulled into your Custimy platform.

Integrate all your different tools and channels into Custimy

Integrating your channels with Custimy only takes a few clicks, leaving you with sorted and analyzed data ready to be used.

Custimy is made for ease of use. All the complexity happens in the backend, leaving you with simple, yet powerful marketing actions to take. ‍

Get an overview of all your most important business KPIs

Uncover your best customers and reach those most similar to them. 

We’ve all felt it: you’re about to run a new acquisition campaign targeting new customers with awesome creatives and great copywriting… But you leave your targeting up to Facebook.

Now, while Facebook is good at finding people that want to buy your products, it gets exponentially better if you feed it with high quality data about who your target audience is. 

Well, Custimy can help you do just that. 

Get access to segments based on profitability, that you can use directly in your marketing

Using Custimy segments for your targeting

By segmenting your customer base, Custimy divides them into 8 distinct groups.

You can easily use these segments in your marketing. 

For example, the segment “Most Valuable Customers” which will be your customers that buy the most, are frequent shoppers, and have low return rates.

You now push this segment to Facebook, and tell it to find people similar to this segment, using Facebook’s lookalike audience feature.

The best thing? It’s proven to work. See how ABENA achieved 12x more conversions using Custimy Segments in their Facebook advertising.

Reach out to your customers, at the right time, with the right products. 

A very important part of marketing is communicating with a person at the right time. Luckily this is where our AI comes in handy.

Custimy analyzes all your customer's behavior, and summarises its outcomes in three metrics:

  • Propensity to Buy: A percentage number showing a customer’s likeliness of purchasing at your store in the next 30 days
  • Probability of Churn: A percentage number showing a customer’s likeliness of churning at your store in the next 30 days
  • Predicted Yearly Revenue: How much revenue a specific customer is spending at your store the next year.

The smart thing is, you can create your own custom audiences with these numbers.

So you can easily create an audience with every customer that has the highest chance of purchasing and send them an email. Maybe automate it, so that this is done automatically in the background when a new customer joins the audience. 

Get AI-metrics on each single customer

In marketing, it's also crucial to know which products to advertise. With Custimy, you receive product recommendations that help you identify the products most likely to be sold to each customer

In marketing, it's also crucial to know which products to advertise, and to whom.

With Custimy, you receive product recommendations that help you identify the products most likely to be sold to each customer. Apply this information to your email marketing or re-targeting campaigns, and you got yourself a powerful, just in time targeting machine that will likely drive more profit for your store. 

Test and validate your gut feeling

Finally, Custimy allows you to use the data collected and test hypothesis for new marketing initiatives. With our experiments feature,  you can test out any gut feeling you might have, with all the platforms you connected to Custimy.

  • Want to see if sending more or less newsletters has a better impact on one of your metrics?
  • Want to see what happens if you lower your advertising budget?
  • Want to see the impact of adding a present to your customers order?

These initiatives in the past have been hard to evaluate, but now you simply create and experiment in Custimy and monitor in real time how it affects your revenue.

See the platform for yourself

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