Introducing Experiments: Take action on your gut feeling
Jun 5, 2023

Introducing Experiments: Take action on your gut feeling

Have you ever trusted your intuition and made a business decision based on a hunch? Or maybe you held back on a new marketing idea because you lacked the data to back it up.

Well, get ready to take action with Experiments, the newest game-changer to the Custimy platform that lets you test your way to understanding how your decisions impact your revenue and profits.

Why Your Business Needs a Strong Data Foundation

Customer growth and Customer retention are the bread and butter of any successful business, and understanding what drives them are crucial.

Sure, e-commerce marketers often split-test their ads and websites to boost conversion rates, but why stop there?

At Custimy, we believe in optimizing the entire customer experience because your customers engage with your business in more ways than just seeing your ads.

Imagine being able to analyze the impact of offering free candy with each order on customer retention or determining the perfect number of newsletters to send each week.

Experiments give you the power to make data-driven decisions that will transform your business.

How Experiments Work

We've designed Experiments, like everything else in Custimy, to be incredibly user-friendly. Here's how it works:

  1. Create your test audiences effortlessly.
  2. Activate these audiences on your preferred channel with a single click.
  3. Start experimenting and let Custimy track key performance indicators (KPIs) of your audiences.

It's that easy! But don't let the simplicity fool you—Experiments open up a world of possibilities for testing and optimizing your business.

How creative can you get with your split-testing endeavors? And don’t worry, you can trust Custimy to handle all the data tracking while you focus on driving growth.

Turn Your Gut Feeling into Action

Experiments not only empower you to test and optimize your existing business operations but also give you the freedom to explore new ideas driven by your gut feeling.

In the past, acting on a gut feeling might have felt like a leap in the dark, risking substantial time and budget.

But with Experiments, you can finally put your hunches to the test with a select group of customers.

This approach not only saves you time and money but also deepens your understanding of how your new strategies will impact your business.

An example of an Experiment

Imagine this scenario: The e-commerce company you work for sends out one blast email per week featuring your latest products and releases.

However, you strongly believe that increasing the frequency of these emails will drive more revenue.

Yet, you hesitate due to concerns about deliverability and spamming your customers.

If only you could test this out on a select number of customers…

Enter Custimy's Experiments.

In your Custimy platform, you create three audiences:

  • Control Group: Receives one blast email per week
  • Group A: Receives two blast emails per week
  • Group B: Receives three blast emails per week

Activate these audiences with your email provider and start sending out the blast emails. After a couple of weeks, see how these different strategies have affected each group’s revenue.

Armed with the results, you can confidently apply the winning strategy across your entire business, fueling growth and success.

Try out Experiments today

Ready to revolutionize your decision-making and accelerate your business forward?

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