How To Nail Your Omnichannel Marketing
Jun 2, 2023

How To Nail Your Omnichannel Marketing

The Customer journey doesn’t end with one channel and one device anymore. Customers can approach you in-store, from their mobile phones or laptop. And this poses a new challenge for brands working with omnichannel marketing to follow their customer’s journey everywhere in order to properly track their behavior and provide them with the best possible experience.

With the changes from iOS14.5, tracking your customers’ journey has become increasingly difficult, especially across channels. It’s not impossible, but it just requires the right tool that gathers all your customer data in one place.

An integrated tool like CDP is what can help you not only get a full overview of your customers’ actions but also create a more personalized service for them. It can be on all your channels, thus building a proper omnichannel marketing strategy.

How CDP Helps in Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, the customer’s journey is more complex. It’s mixed with online and offline interactions. It is harder to tell where customers are engaging with you and how to make these interactions.

The truth is businesses can not choose how their customers interact with them. They can only be equipped with the right tool to utilize customers’ data from different channels.

A Customer Data Platform gives retailers the chance:

  • To provide customers with customized experiences based on their shopping habits, previous purchase history, interests, and preferences.
  • To earn their customer’s loyalty and treat them more effectively.

Without a unified data platform, you risk the possibility of not properly capturing all your customers’ touchpoints. This leads to creating an impersonal experience and consequently frustration for your users.

If your customers shop on your website, then good you have their records. But what if they click on an ad on their phone, then they continue to explore more on your website via their laptop and again leave it and go to your store to pay and pick up their goods. How would you follow your customers’ journey and collect the offline and online data in order to use it in your marketing channels?

As long as marketers do not have the full overview of a customer, called a Single Customer View, it is no surprise that they are still struggling to monitor customers’ online and offline touchpoints. This is the omnichannel marketing definition.

Add CDP To Your Omnichannel Strategy

When it comes to monitoring customers through their visits to websites and brick-and-mortar stores, retail companies face a serious problem of how to provide the right personalized service.

Customers are switching between different channels including email, live chat, App, website, in-store, and so on. There’s huge confusion for businesses over how to come up with the best omni-channel marketing strategy. In fact, many brands are still struggling with what to do with the crazy amount of data they’re collecting every single day.

To win over your competitors you need the right technology that connects all your channels. It needs to put all your customers’ data into one platform.

The CRM tools don’t have the ability to connect with another tool that actually tracks the behavior, interests, or engagement. And this is where businesses miss out on where and how they connect with their customers. Like did we speak on the phone? Or was it a live chat? I can’t happen to see any record on that.

The magic happens for retailers that add a CDP to their strategy. A single customer view helps the marketing team, sales associates, call center, customer service representatives, showroom, customer experience, you name it.

Be Open and Take A New Approach

As an omnichannel brand what you need is to smelt the online and offline world together to make your own world. This is where CDP enters to help you unify all the data from online and offline platforms and blend them together as one.

A CDP provides you with a Single Customer View where you have access to everything you need to create the most personalized service for your customers.

CDP gives a different meaning to personalization. It is like you’re following every footstep of your customers anywhere they go. Whether it is the in-store POS, call center, live chat, apps, websites, customer service, loyalty cards, etc, you receive the data you need to create value for your customers.

Gathering data manually to create messages to run your marketing campaigns is time-consuming. You spend most of your time worrying about how and when to create and send the message.

Not blaming you! It is just not like the old days anymore. You can not only rely on CRM and data analytic tools to do the job for you. They just can’t. It’s easy as that.

You’re right! Coming up with the best omnichannel marketing solution is not a piece of cake. But with a CDP not only you can have your cake, but you can eat it too.

Let’s say the key to success in an omnichannel brand is about creating the right connections between channels. And the essence of that success is having the right marketing strategy that takes you to the right customer at the right time through all channels.

Wanna know more? Just book a demo today and learn how you can combine all your data points in one place!