How to improve your Christmas campaign with a CDP
Jun 2, 2023

How to improve your Christmas campaign with a CDP

Many businesses are struggling with their marketing campaign approach during this hectic holiday season. Christmas is one of the most popular sales seasons that is right around the corner, and as a marketer, you don’t want to miss this.

The truth is that the strategies that worked just a while ago might become so irrelevant right now.

You ask why? Well, if you’re still trying to run a non-personalized, uninspired campaign and inaccurately target your customers, it’s unavoidably going to fail.

Don’t forget that nowadays consumers are way more comfortable doing their shopping online. So having a strong online presence is absolutely crucial.

No need to worry! You just need the right tool to help you cut down on your failed attempts. We gathered everything you need to know to boost your marketing campaign for Christmas.

How a Customer Data Platform Helps With A Marketing Campaign

A successful campaign begins with organized data. This is where CDP gets its meaning from, CDP for marketing means integrated and unified data. However, not all marketing software has the ability to organize campaigns and messages.

A CDP can gather data and customer information from many multiple sources. It collects data from CRM, ads, SoMe, emails, browser history, etc. It also reads and observes the customers behaviors to provide relevant insights.

Not using the right tool for your company’s needs can jam your marketing members on a dead-end path towards figuring out an optimal strategy for your marketing campaigns.

You might have put very well constructed marketing campaigns, but it would bring the maximum value if the messages are transferred through a centralized platform to the right clients.

Otherwise, your clients would be bombarded with unwanted messages and emails that eventually would disconnect them from you.

To run a successful marketing campaign, you need a unified customer view that is updated in real-time. That way, your messages will end up on the right channel at the right time.

Such a view is obtainable with a CDP. But, a Customer Data Platform can do much more than unify and organize your data.

One of the most important features of the CDP is its capability to segment. A beautifully done segmentation that gives you an overview of your customers in different areas. You get an understanding of your most valuable customers, high spenders, the least valuables, the newcomers, and many more. Which helps you boost your marketing strategy and target the right group with the right message.

Take Your Marketing Campaign To The Next Level

Let me tell you what CDP can do for different teams in your organization. Because it’s not only marketing that can benefit from a CDP. One of the main aspects of a Customer Data Platform is to create integration throughout the whole organization.

A Customer Data Platform gives a 360-degree view of your customers. As we always say, data is gold, but only if you know how to use it in the right way.

No more failed campaigns, if you know how to get the right metrics from mass information invading you. And transfer it to the right team to provide coherent insight for your ad campaign.


A successful campaign is a targeted one. It is true that customers are not interested in unwanted messages. They don’t want to be included in something that is not their cup of tea. Can you blame them?

During the holiday season, you need to know what specific product categories your customers are more willing to see and what to offer to whom.

Your campaign needs to be designed according to different groups of people, also their age and gender should be considered. Why? Well, you can not offer the products relevant for a “soon-to-be-mom” to a teenage boy. This is the reason you need to add personalization to your marketing strategy.

That is why your campaign should be well-targeted. You need to offer more personalized and individualized items to the right group of audience.

Personalized offers show your customers that you know them well. It creates emotional connection and loyalty.

A CDP brings the possibility for you to recognize the bottlenecks on your strategy and consequently helps you improve your marketing campaign.

Some Marketing Campaign Tips

  • Zip code campaign: create a campaign according to the availability in a specific store of yours. You can do a zip code search and offer your customers of that area the products available in their local store.
  • SMS campaign: in this season email inboxes are so filled with ads that many of them get lost. This is where SMS comes in handy and cuts through the crowds.
  • Cart abandonment automation: it is pretty normal that customers to browse through many different websites and apps during Christmas. And they happen to forget that they left their shopping cart behind. A kind reminder won’t hurt and often will help to close the deal.
  • Back-in-stock automation: Christmas is a hectic shopping season and it happens a lot that many products go out of stock. A back-in-stock reminder can inform your customers who have previously shown interest in those items.

You are only one click away from getting a unified view of your customers. Book a demo today and let us help you create the best journey for your customers.