Facebook custom audiences enriched with a CDP
Jun 2, 2023

Facebook custom audiences enriched with a CDP

Facebook Custom Audiences is an advanced advertising feature for marketers. It is giving them access to an incredible amount of highly specific data about users. It is yet another way in which Facebook is putting its treasure-trove of user information to use. However, there are risks associated with using all this data to market. And it can be a chore to create and use the custom audiences effectively.

If you want the benefits of Facebook Custom Audiences without all the hassle, you need a customer data platform (CDP). A CDP can make it easier for you to create your customized audiences. And you can avoid any compliance issues while doing so if you have the right data.

Additionally, it can help you get better results from your marketing efforts by making sure your messages are relevant to every audience member. It can be based on not only their past behavior but algorithmic predictions of their future behavior. Here’s how:

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook custom audiences are one of the most powerful tools for targeting your ads. They allow you to reach people who have visited your website, been on your email list, or engaged with you off Facebook by using data to track them.

Custom audiences can be used alongside any other type of ad creative text, image, or video. This way it’s easy to customize them for any situation. Custom audiences help advertisers target specific customers. Like that, you can aim for those who are more likely to convert. Typically, because they’re familiar with your company and its offerings. This increases the ROI (return on investment) from ad campaigns.

Enrich your data with a CDP for better Custom Audiences properties

If you’ve been considering building a Custom Audience, or want to improve the quality of your existing Custom Audiences, enriched data is a great way to do it. Enriched data allows you to combine information such as email addresses and phone numbers into one profile that you can use for targeting. Through this process, you can leverage multiple sources of consumer insight in order to create a profile for each person in your audience. And the more information available about them, the more useful the audience will be in terms of delivering personalized ads across all devices.

Enriching data with a CDP is not only helpful for targeting audiences. But it also helps generate new insights into consumers’ interests and behaviors. By enriching your web analytics with data from your CDP, you’re able to gain access to additional insights about customers on Facebook.

This could include gender vs age range vs marital status vs household income level. These combined pieces of insights can help you create highly targeted advertising campaigns that speak directly to your target audiences’ needs and wants.

Create irresistible messages for your audience and boost your conversion rate

To create custom audiences, you’ll need to use a Customer Data Platform. Connect your Facebook account with the CDP and run an audience enrichment. From there, the CDP will automatically create a list of the people who have interacted with your company across multiple channels. And it can be used to target those same individuals on other platforms like Facebook Messenger.

You can then take this data and use it to create more targeted ads that will resonate better with your audience. For example, if someone has visited your website and bought on your store before, they might respond well to an offer for free shipping or another incentive that’s relevant to their experience level at that point in time.

Let’s say buy something from you through an ad like this one (or any other channel). They will become part of the unique audience that’s generated by running a CDP-powered campaign in the future. This way you can create a single customer profile of them and have a better deep understanding of each customer.

Learn how to use custom audiences enriched with data from a CDP

You can use a CDP to enrich your custom audience. This means that you’ll be able to create an enriched Custom Audience based on data from the CDP.

To do so, you’ll need to first set up a Custom Audience for each type of data within your CDP. Once those are set up and activated, there are two ways you can use them:

  • Create a segment in your e-commerce CDP, like the one from Custimy.io using an Enhanced Audience as one of its components. You can then target that segment with ads on Facebook. Doing so, in order to reach people who have interacted with content related to your business or brand.
  • Create a message in Messenger using an Enhanced List as one of its components. An example; is if it has attributes like an email address or postcode. You can then use these messages in ads targeted at customers who have interacted with content related to your business on Facebook.

Using CDP for look-alike audiences

Lookalike Audiences are basically telling Facebook to find audiences, who are similar to your existing customer segment. This is obviously a powerful tool to broaden your segment and find potential customers. If you combine this with your custom audiences in your CDP, you will be able to create strikingly precise targeting.

But not only for current customers. Look-alike audiences allow you to enrich Facebook’s data and algorithms with information about your best customers. This way you can target customers that look like them and increase revenue, profitability, and performance of your webshop.