Customer acquisition: acquire customers more efficiently using a CDP
Jun 2, 2023

Customer acquisition: acquire customers more efficiently using a CDP

Customer acquisition is one of the most important steps in the customer lifecycle. It helps to generate new customers for your e-commerce business and grow its revenue. But what if you could improve your customer acquisition process? In this article, I will explain how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help with this, as well as explain the importance of ensuring a constant flow of new, profitable customers.

What is customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition is the process by which you attract new customers to your business.
It’s easy to see why this is important: acquiring customers helps you grow, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Acquiring new, and more customers means more fuel for your rocket to reach new heights.

One of the most effective ways to convince new customers is through paid advertising. However, with fierce competition, customer acquisition costs rise, and your price for their attention can be very high if you don’t play your cards right.

Why is customer acquisition important?

To accelerate your growth, hit targets, and be successful in e-commerce you’ll need to bring a constant flow of new customers to your store.

You could wait for your customers to organically come to you, and while these are nice customers you can add more rocket fuel with digital advertising.

Paid ads can help you accelerate the influx of new customers which will increase revenue. This means faster growth, more money to start new initiatives, and moving towards profits on the bottom line.

  • Customer acquisition is important because it helps to grow your business.
  • It helps to increase revenue.
  • Customer acquisition is important because it helps to reduce costs.
  • It helps increase customer satisfaction by helping you to identify your target market, the different ways in which you can reach them and their needs at each stage of the buying process.
  • It helps to increase customer loyalty.
  • Customer acquisition is important because it helps you to build a strong brand that people remember and trust.
  • It helps you to expand your business into new markets or territories

What are the main challenges of customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition is a complex process. As a result, it’s expensive and time consuming. It’s not scalable, or repeatable.

In addition to these challenges, there are other shortcomings that can make it difficult to acquire customers in the right way:

  • Your marketing team may not be sure who they’re targeting or what channels they should use.
  • You don’t know who’s buying your product (or if anyone at all is buying it).

You don’t have any data to inform your marketing strategy. You’re not sure how much money you should be spending on each channel, or what return you’re getting (if any).

Customer acquisition stages

Customer acquisition is a process. It’s a series of stages, and each stage is important in its own right. The customer acquisition process consists of the following stages: attract, engage, convert, retain.

These stages aren’t sequential; they’re not equal in importance; and they’re not mutually exclusive (meaning you can be at different stages with different customers). The process is a cycle: You attract customers, then you convert them into engaged users and ultimately into paying customers. Once you’ve acquired a customer, it’s important to retain that customer so that he or she remains an active member of your community.

The customer acquisition process begins with attracting customers. In the early stages of a startup, this is often the most difficult task. You need to build an audience that cares about what you’re doing and why it matters (attract). Once you’ve attracted an audience, you need to get those people involved in your community (engage).

How can a CDP improve customer acquisition?

A CDP is a solution that helps you automate, optimize and scale your customer acquisition process. It can improve your ability to identify new customers by enabling you to use more data from multiple sources. This can help you find people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. A CDP also makes it easier for you to understand your existing customers better by providing information on what they are doing with their products or services. Finally, it helps companies improve the overall customer experience by allowing them to anticipate issues before they happen.

CDPs can be used by companies of all sizes. They can also be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, if you are a B2B company and want to understand what’s happening with your sales pipeline, you might use data from sales transactions and marketing efforts to identify trends in buyer behavior.

Side tracking

CDPs help to automate and optimize the customer acquisition process

A CDP helps you automate and optimize the customer acquisition process by:

  • Automating tasks such as running marketing campaigns and creating landing pages.
  • Providing an easy-to-use interface for non-developers to manage their marketing efforts on the platform.
  • Integrating with third-party services like CMSs, payment gateways, email providers etc., to make it easier for your developers to work on other elements of your product while still benefiting from all that a CDP offers.

The key to a successful CDP is that it requires the right tools and technology. If you don’t have the right software for your needs, then it can be difficult to get the most out of your data.

The first stage of the customer acquisition process is attracting customers. This is the most important stage in your business because it’s the one that sets everything else in motion. What does it mean to attract customers? It means you’re creating content and marketing strategies that reach people who are interested in what you have to offer. Providing a single place for all your marketing efforts to reduce complexity and make it easier for you to manage your marketing activities..

How to improve customer acquisition with Custimy

Custimy can help you utilize your existing customers (and their data) to find more new customers for you.

Custimys hyper-segmentation engine can pre-build customer segments, that are made based on how much value they bring to your store.

You can use those segments to create look-a-like audiences you can target with ads. This way, you’ll be targeting people who have very similar interests and demographics as your actual customers.


Customer acquisition is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It’s an ongoing process and there are many different methods that can be used, but they all have their pros and cons. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help your company optimize its customer acquisition process by automating it so you don’t have to spend time on repetitive tasks or manually entering data into multiple systems.