ADE Imports

Turning unprofitable Facebook marketing highly profitable with just the proper targeting.

Learn how a US niche fragrance brand leveraged Custimy segmentation to build high-converting lookalike audiences for its new customer prospecting campaigns and increase ad performance by 585%.

Use Case

Lookalike audiences using data segmentation.




585% ROAS

In this case study, you'll see how the US e-commerce management agency ADE Imports used Custimy to create audiences capable of producing profitable ROAS and revenue growth from Facebook advertising.

The challenge

Importing and selling Italian fragrances online might not seem like an easy task. None of your customers can actually smell your perfume before a purchase. However, that is what ADE Retail is doing - and doing with success.

Acquiring new customers is a challenging thing for a fragrance brand because it is so experiential. When the customer can’t smell what they’re buying beforehand it is very difficult to find the right audience for your products.

Secondly, when selling fragrances only online you will really need to keep your existing customers coming back.

However, with the database of existing customers, ADE Retail, saw an opportunity for the niche fragrance brand.

  • The challenge was to target new customers precisely, so the Facebook Ads would perform better
  • The opportunity was all the customer data the eCommerce shop had from its past.

The solution

They had tried and tested multiple ways to create Facebook audiences in the past but without any success. After the ongoing usage of Custimy, ADE Retail knew precisely what to do after using Custimy Segments to get a ROAS 18 with Google Performance Max.

Through the Custimy platform, he activated the pre-built segments Custimy provided to his Facebook Ads Manager. This process took him roughly 30 seconds.

From there, ADE Retail was instantly able to add pre-made creatives from what has been running on former ads.

With minimal work, they activated advanced Machine Learning on their customer data and enriched the Facebook algorithm.

The results

In the Facebook Ads prospecting campaign they ran, they saw an uplift in ROAS of 585%.

Nothing had changed with the ad setup besides automatically feeding the audience lists with Custimy AI-based segments.

With these results, the US-based e-commerce agency ADE Retail has found a new and improved way of handling its e-commerce clients and their advertising campaigns.

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