ADE Imports

Achieving ROAS 18 in Just 10 Minutes by Using Custimy with Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

Learn how ADE Imports helped a niche fragrance brand utilize Custimy and Google Ads to see great results.

Use Case

Data powered performance marketing


Consumer Goods and Services, Retail


18x ROAS

39% Increase in new customers

21% Conversion rate

The e-commerce management agency in the United States, ADE Imports, is helping grow a niche fragrance brand from Italy.
See how they created automated marketing campaigns based on Custimy's Machine Learning insights to provide incredible results for their client.

The challenge

Acquiring new customers is a challenging thing for a fragrance brand to do in E-commerce because it is so experiential. Likewise, the brand knew its customers had a unique travel and lifestyle profile not easily defined in standard audience creation tools.
The founder of ADE Imports Brett Schetzsle knew who his primary audience was he has his data on that because he has been doing business with the brand for years.
His problem was to properly analyze and activate that customer data in the current marketing setup.

  • The challenge was to find a high performing marketing solution that needed minimal ressources in setting up and was fully automated.

The solution

To solve his pain he turned to Custimy.

With the advanced segmentation, automatic data activation, and recommendations for best practices Brett was now able to seemingly simply activate pre-built customer segments into a Google Performance Max Campaign.

With a library of brand visuals and copy already ready for him, it took just 10 minutes to set up the whole campaign.

By combining first-party and third-party data, using ADEs own knowledge about their best customers with Google's ability to identify intent and customers ready to buy, ADE created a fully automated customer retention and acquisition model.

The results

With a fine and accepted ROAS in Ecommerce of around 4x, it was staggering to see a ROAS of 18x and an ad conversion rate of 21% for the campaign.

By automating a process of being present for both existing valuable customers and the right new customers, ADE simply activated Custimy segments across a Google advertising platforms to capture demand from customers with a predicted high customer lifetime value.

In the Custimy dashboard, the agency was abe to evaluate the overall changes in its clients business KPIs.

Overall, the campaign resulted in a 39% increase in new customers with an average of 1,2 orders
over their lifetime will generate even more revenue in the future.

Become the e-commerce of the future, today.