How Publicis helped ABENA's Facebook ads perform x12 better with Custimy.

Understand how the agency Publicis can use Custimy when working with ecommerce clients. Resulting in better ad performance, time saved and more transparency towards the client on which segments were used.
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January 23, 2023
Nadia Christensen
Head of Social

“Custimy has been very beneficial regarding time spent analyzing, understanding, and activating the data of our clients within Publicis. Consolidating data from multiple of ABENAs available data sources in Custimy, we were able to build a stronger foundation of relevant 1st party data to reach users with a high intent to convert. The improvement of performance was impressive.”

The e-commerce shop Den Gode Pleje is a part of the +4 billion revenue Healthcare Group ABENA. With their growth mindset, they know that acquiring new customers is key to increasing their topline sales. To help them achieve what they were looking for, the marketing agency Publicis helped ABENA’s webshop grow through Facebook ads.

The challenge

Ever-growing advertising costs have challenged both the agency and the e-commerce shop to look out for ways to create more effective paid advertising.

With a good content bank, Publicis identified a challenge for the case:

  • They needed a reliable audience to use for creating a look-a-like within Facebook ads.

The solution

As ABENA has gathered just around 10.000 customers in their database, they knew that they could work with data to increase performance in Facebook ads. However, hiring a data scientist to do complex analyses of their data would not be profitable and worthwhile in the long term.

In their search for a way to utilize customer data to increase ad performance, they stumbled upon Custimy. The e-commerce optimization tool that gives business, product, and customer insights. Another key selling point for ABENA was the ability to automatically act on those insights by sending advanced segments to ad providers such as Facebook and Google Ads.

Effectively giving them access to advanced Machine Learning technology for a small e-commerce business.

As they had access to an AI segmentation engine that creates segments based on behavioral and transactional data, they could use some of these groups of existing customers for a look-a-like in Facebook ads.

The segments they used were:

Most Valuable Customers

The customers that are super loyal, have a high average order value, and engage a lot with the e-commerce shop.

Core Customers

The biggest customer segment. They are customers who have more individual statistics close to the store average customer.

Altogether they were what will be referred to as the Custimy audience. The other audience that was used was all the website visits Facebook had picked up in the last 180 days.

The results

The goal was to achieve most conversions and get people as far in the funnel as possible. The test ran for 31 days.

It might sound obvious, but it makes good sense that: using existing good customers as the base for finding new customers is way better than using website visitors to find new customers.

The results showed an uplift of 1267% in conversions for the Custimy audience vs the Facebook Look-a-like.

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